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5 Alternative Factors to Think About Before You Buy Your Dream Home

By z4027672030, Feb 26 2016 09:36AM

‘Location, location, location', is typically a main focal point for everyone looking to make the move to a new dream home, whether that be for first time buyers or those already on the ladder. To be situated in preferred residential areas, have access to amenities you desire and in some cases, transport links, are essential. Additionally, those who have a family will be looking to relocate to a property in a catchment area for a school with a notable reputation, locally.

Depending on the conditions of the lifestyle and needs you are looking to lead, the three L’s could mean having a healthy degree of room for off-street parking, but on the other hand it could mean having luscious rolling green fields on the perimeter of your garden, but there are, in these modern time, several other things to have in mind.

So now you’ve reached the point where you’ve narrowed down the list of potential properties, but before you settle and begin talks with us here at Taylors, the Braunton conveyancing specialists, you should consider these alternative factors you’ll more than likely want to take into account before making a major life commitment.

We’ve listed five of these considerations for you to think about below:

Environmental issues

This is something that will be highlighted in an environmental and surveyor report – however, by this time you’ll be a way down the process of purchasing a property. It’s worth paying a visit to the Environment Agency’s interactive maps so that you can get yourself an idea of whether there’s any potential for flooding or pollution problems in the area surrounding the property.

Mobile signal

Arguably the biggest factor, and even one that might not be considered as ‘alternative’ nowadays, it’s very abundant that we rely on our mobiles for a whole range of things. It might be worth checking whether you are in for a patchy ride in terms of coverage if you move here. Head over to Ofcom where you can find a handy page which links to postcode checkers for all the major networks. It is worth noting that with any advice you obtain online, you should remember that they only serve as a guide and you will need to discover how the coverage is with your network provider when you view the property.

Mobile internet

Studies have recently shown that the use our phones for browsing the web is overtaking the use of larger devices for commerce, so checking the mobile internet signal will be a big point to bear in mind if you are a prevalent mobile user.

Broadband coverage

It’s likely that you are now a minority if you don’t use a laptop or similar device at home in 2016. And if you are working from home, using a device to access data, or if the children want to play online computer games, you’ll want to ensure you’re out of a ‘not-spot’. The last thing you want is to be living in an area where there is no home broadband infrastructure available to you. With this in mind, there are ways of checking online beforehand, in order to give you an idea of whether there could be any issues regarding this.

Broadband speeds

Take into account that even if you are living in a broadband-enabled area, the speeds at which the broadband runs will differ between various addresses, even in the same street! This can be pinpointed to who your individual provider is, among other factors, so it’s worth doing some research on who gives the best speeds in the area.

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