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A guide to Local Authority searches

By z4027672030, Dec 31 2015 09:11AM

The conveyancing process is made up of several parts, with the Local Authority search being one of the key elements, deemed as mandatory by many mortgage lenders. It prevents a buyer from finding out about any nasty surprises before they move into their new home.

Local Authority searches consist of a combination of data from the Land Charges (existing obligations and restrictions) Register (LLC1) and the Enquiries of the Local Authority (Con 29), forms which will provide you with information about the use of the property and concerns such as footpaths and highways. Additional questions can also be asked, depending on the property, for an extra charge.

Among the information, the Local Authority’s records will indicate a number of things, such as if adjoining roads or footpaths are publicly maintained, plans for anything to be built which may affect the property, planning decisions, building regulations, and whether the property is on contaminated land or in a conservation area. The search is purely data based, and will only volunteer information about new development proposals, for instance, if there has been a formal application. Recent planning proposals after submission of your search will also not be covered.

The buyer pays for the Local Authority search as part of the conveyancing costs, with the search costing between £75 and a couple of hundred pounds, depending on the Local Authority involved. Timescales also vary from area to area, normally taking just a few days, though in rare cases it can take more than six weeks.

Get in touch with our Braunton and Ilfracombe conveyancing solicitors, who will be able to help you with Local Authority searches as well as other elements of the conveyancing process in a friendly and professional manner.

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