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A landlord’s guide to avoiding a tenancy dispute

By z4027672030, Jan 29 2016 04:21PM

One of the risks of renting out a property to tenants is getting involved in a tenancy dispute, whether your tenants aren’t paying rent on time, have caused damage to the property or have simply claimed they deserve more of their deposit money back. Follow these simple steps and you should hopefully enjoy a good working relationship with your tenants:

• Ensure you have a comprehensive inventory which is kept up to date, noting both the condition and the cleanliness of the property.

• If a tenant is not around during check in, check out or inspection, make a note of the fact that you have sent a copy of the findings to the tenant and that they have been asked to sign it and note any comments within a set period of time.

• Create a check out report in the same format as the inventory so it is easy to refer to.

• If any faults have been found upon check-out, send the tenant a copy of the formal claim along with a copy of the check-out report, as this helps to back up your claim.

• Ensure any handwritten comments on reports or paperwork are legibly written to avoid any confusion.

• In order to get a more accurate inventory, it may be worth looking into using an independent clerk who can create comprehensive and impartial reports, meaning the condition of the property is communicated fairly to both landlord and tenant. If you do decide to use an independent clerk, it’s best to ensure you use the same one every time for consistency.

• If you are claiming money for something to be replaced or repaired, ensure your claim is formalised. Tenants need to know exactly what cost you are attributing to each item with a supporting invoice and calculation.

If you’re still in need of legal aid or advice despite taking these steps and you require the help of a tenant dispute solicitor, North Devon firm Taylors Solicitors offer a friendly, efficient and professional service, including a free initial consultation to discuss the next steps you can take.

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