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Airline workers to take legal action over contaminated air claims

By z4027672030, Jun 15 2015 11:58AM

A group of seventeen former and serving cabin crew members from various British airlines are currently planning legal action against their employers.

Funded by workers’ union Unite, the workers are filing civil personal injury claims against their employers as they believe that fumes, engine oil and other toxic chemicals found in the cabin air caused them to fall ill.

Their claim will be backed up with statistics from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), which has confirmed that there were 295 separate incidents of fume or smoke inside a commercial passenger aeroplane operated by a British airline in 2014, while there have also been 125 incidents so far this year, indicating that more measures need to be taken to ensure that fumes do not pollute the cabin air.

British Airways, however, have a number of expert studies in their defence, with several claiming that there is no positive evidence of a link between exposure to cabin air contaminants and any possible long-term effects, and that they would not have operated an aircraft if it posed a risk to customers or crew.

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