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Choosing the executor of your will

By z4027672030, Oct 23 2015 08:22AM

While setting out your wishes following your death in your will is highly important, equally as important is choosing the right person so that these wishes are carried out according to your instructions. This person is known as an executor of a will, and can be whoever you wish.

The executor’s job is to carry out the instructions you leave in your will when you die. Even if your will is fairly straightforward, it can be a difficult task, especially if decisions need to be made on your behalf.

Who can be chosen as an executor of a will?

Anyone aged 18 or over can be an executor of your will, including people that have been named in your will. While people normally choose a spouse, civil partner or a child to be an executor, this doesn’t have to be the case. Professionals such as solicitors and accountants can also be selected, as they will have the specialist knowledge to deal with the matter efficiently. You can also choose two executors, just in case one of them dies before you do.

What makes a good executor?

Above all, it is important to choose someone you trust, as it will be up to them to follow your instructions following your death, and to find fair solutions to any disagreements. Choosing more than one executor may be useful as they will be able to divide up the work between them. It may also be useful to choose an executor who is good at admin and managing legal issues, as well as being able to deal with family members in a sensitive way.

Choosing a family member as an executor

Many people select a family member as an executor, as they are trusted and will understand the situation better than a professional. Before you write them in your will however, make sure that they are happy to become your executor, as if not, you’ll need to get your will changed. You should also think carefully before choosing your partner as your only executor – by naming someone else you can help to take the burden and stress of paperwork off their shoulders.

Choosing a professional as an executor

Choosing a solicitor as one of your executors makes a lot of sense as they are experienced in the job and will be able to sort any legal, property or tax issues. If your will is especially complicated, it may be the best choice. They will charge for the work, but you can rest assured that the work will be carried out in a professional manner. If you’re seeking to appoint solicitors as your executors of wills, Devon firm Taylors Solicitors are here to help.

When you’ve chosen your executor

Once you’ve chosen your executor, ensure that it is legally binding and confirm the executor’s full name and address in your will. Including the executor’s contact details also means that they can be found when the event arises, meaning that they will be able to carry out the task as you intended.

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