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Energy drink manufacturers Monster dealing with a series of personal injury lawsuits

By z4027672030, Feb 16 2016 09:27AM

Various personal injury lawsuits have been filed in the last fortnight in the United States that are claiming the Monster Beverage Corp. energy drinks are harming people with its contents.

There are currently five lawsuits which have been filed on the West coast state of California and the North-western state of Washington against the energy drink maker. Additionally, the brand has had an Orlando-based firm file a suit against them in the past week, claiming the long-believed notion that the ‘trendy’ caffeine-filled energy drinks can cause significant health issues.

Monster advertise themselves as an aid to battle fatigue and to give an additional ‘kick’ to get them through their daily routines. The drink, which is mainly drunk by young teenagers and extreme sports enthusiasts has, over the years, been regularly linked to heart attacks, kidney failure, strokes and brain damage, among other health issues.

Some of the allegations in the lawsuits allege that energy drinks are targeting children and getting them hooked. The lawsuits also allege that there are not proper warnings or full disclosure of side effects on the products. In an announcement of the lawsuits, the lawyers for the plaintiffs said, “Monster’s classification as a ‘dietary supplement’ prior to 2013 allowed the company to avoid placing labels on its cans informing consumers of the high concentrations of caffeine found in the drinks.” The statement continued, “Deprived of this important information, consumers were unable to make informed decisions on what they were putting in their body.”

The lawsuit filed by the Orlando firm said: “two 16-ounce cans of Monster contain what could be a lethal dose of caffeine. Monster Beverage Corp. claims that one 16-ounce-can contains less than half the caffeine that’s in a medium Starbucks coffee.”

One of the plaintiffs who is currently being represented by the Orlando firm has claimed to have suffered a stroke after consuming in the region of half a dozen Monsters a day for half a decade. Monster’s retort to the lawsuit cites that the plaintiff in question had pre-existing health conditions utterly unrelated to the drinking of Monster Energy that led to his stroke.

Monster Beverage Corp. says of that lawsuit, “There is no merit in the case whatsoever.” The company said in a statement that this is a “copy-cat case filed by personal injury lawyers… trying to make a cottage industry out of suing energy drink companies.”

Lawyers have reported that there are further suits, raising into the dozens, set to be filed that are suing the multi-billion-dollar industry, including the makers of Rockstar, 5-Hour and Red Bull, over personal injury claims.

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Image: Slim45hady under Creative Commons.

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