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Ex-footballer Clarke Carlisle to pay up to £100k to traumatised lorry driver following failed suicide bid

By z4027672030, Oct 22 2015 11:14AM

Tormented ex-footballer Clarke Carlisle has been declared liable for personal injury and must pay compensation to the lorry driver left traumatised by his failed suicide bid.

The former player for Leeds, Burnley and QPR tried to end his life by throwing himself in front of lorry driver Darren Pease’s vehicle on the A64 dual carriageway in December. Following the incident, Darren was unable to return to his job, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, leaving him unable to return to work or even leave the house. He also suffered injuries to his face and eyes, as shards of glass from the shattered windscreen cut his skin and left him temporarily blinded.

The 54 year old then submitted a personal injury claim against Carlisle, with the ex-footballer having just admitted liability, meaning he could receive a pay-out of up to £100,000 for his facial injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder and loss of earnings.

Looking back on the devastating incident, Carlisle labelled the fact that he had survived as ‘a miracle’, criticising the UK healthcare system for overlooking those suffering with mental health problems, describing the system as ‘wholly inadequate’. Today, he speaks out about his experience, hoping that his story and overcoming his depression can help the lives of other suffering similar problems.

This case demonstrates that personal injury claims do not only take physical injuries into account, but also psychological damage caused by incidents which can vastly change our circumstances. If you’ve been affected by a personal injury which you believe you are not liable for, contact Taylors Solicitors and get in touch with a Devon personal injury solicitor today.

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