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Five of the most unusual yet successful personal injury claims

By z4027672030, Nov 27 2015 11:57AM

While the majority of personal injury claims involve issues such as road accidents, accidents at work or medical negligence, others have slightly more unusual causes. Below are some of the strangest personal injury claims that have ever been filed:

The first ever claim for negligence

Setting a judicial precedent still applied to civil law today, the first claim of negligence to be recorded in the British courts is the case of Donoghue v Stevenson (1932), where Ms Donoghue fell ill after drinking a ginger beer which had a dead snail in the bottle. As a result, she successfully claimed against Mr Stevenson, the manufacturer of the ginger beer, as he was found guilty of failing to ensure the product was safe for consumption.

Slipping on gravy

After a woman slipped on spilled gravy in a restaurant, injuring her back in the process, she successfully claimed against the restaurant for personal injury. She was awarded the compensation as the restaurant was found to be negligent by not cleaning up the spillage or providing sufficient warning of the hazard.

Spontaneously combusting scooter

An elderly gentleman successfully claimed against a mobility scooter manufacturer after the vehicle he was using spontaneously combusted without warning, which left him suffering some serious injuries. He made a successful claim against the company, who were found by the court to be negligent and endangering the man’s welfare.

Choking on a fishbone

A shipbuilder from Great Yarmouth managed to successfully claim the equivalent of £57,000 from an eatery, after he choked on a fishbone while eating one of their meals. He was able to successfully claim negligence on the part of the eatery for failing to ensure the food was free of bones.

Hot tub hazard

While a woman was using the hot tub at her local gym, the skin of her back was sucked in by the hot tub’s filter, causing serious injuries to her lower back. As a result, she successfully claimed compensation against the gym, which was found guilty of negligence and exposing customers to faulty and dangerous machinery.

This five successful cases just go to show that no matter how unusual your personal injury claim may seem, if you have suffered as a result you should consider filing a personal injury claim. Get in touch with Ilfracombe and Braunton solicitor firm Taylors Solicitors today to find out how we can help you.

Image: Ted Eytan, available under Creative Commons

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