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Mothers of fallen soldiers taken to court over contested wills

By z4027672030, Nov 16 2015 03:29PM

Two women, mothers to sons who were killed in the fields of Afghanistan aged just 20, have had their torment continued by disputes over their sons’ wills, written the evening before they went to battle.

Although the two deceased soldiers named their mothers, Lisa Billing and Sharon Leverett, as the sole beneficiaries, the sons’ ex-girlfriends, who were both pregnant at the time, contested the will, believing that their children should also receive substantial sums of the inheritance, as well as the payouts from the Government and insurance policies.

As many as seven mothers whose sons have been killed in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are believed to have been taken to court over disputed wills, with the Ministry of Defence now under fire for failing to give soldiers the proper guidance concerning their wills. Mothers who have already undergone the emotional trauma of losing their sons have also found themselves having to hand over large sums of money which they believed their sons wished them to have.

Following Private Wade’s death, Mrs Wade was paid out a lump sum of just over £300,000, however, it was later ruled that £250,000 of this should go to his girlfriend, Emma Hickman, to care for their daughter Lexi-Mae.

In the case of Trooper Leverett, he left an estate valued at £330,000, which requested that his mother bought his girlfriend a £90,000 house and left £5000 in a bank account for his unborn child. The court, however, ruled that the girlfriend and the child deserved much more, causing a huge rift between the two women, who had previously been close. The trial went in favour of Trooper Leverett’s girlfriend and child, leaving Mrs Leverett with £60,000 in costs.

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