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Over a quarter of people risk having inadequate wills

By z4027672030, Sep 7 2015 03:10PM

A new study carried out by Saga Legal Services has revealed that a quarter of people who have written their will have done so without any help from a legal professional.

In fact, one in five people who have written a will have confessed to using a shop-bought will or one downloaded from the internet, while 5% say that they created a will completely from scratch, without any concern for the legalities.

The main reason for choosing to create a DIY will was that it was considered cheaper than using a solicitor, with 37% citing this reason, though using a DIY method often means that the wills often lack the legal wording needed to ensure that a will is executed according to a person’s specific wishes. One in five also chose to go for a DIY will as they wished to keep their business exclusively to themselves.

Anyone with a large and complicated family, a complex estate or very specific wishes is recommended to use a solicitor to create their will, and it will also ease the process for those with simpler wishes.

Struggles with DIY wills are widespread, with one in fourteen people reporting that they have experienced a problem with DIY wills or that they know someone who has. Out of this group, 46% said that the problems led to a dispute and 39% said that probate took longer as a result.

If you’re one of the unfortunate people experiencing problems with wills, probate or the administration of estate, Braunton and Ilfracombe solicitors Taylors Solicitors are here to help. Visit our website to find out more and to arrange a free initial consultation.

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