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Over a third of landlords in UK experience property abandonment

By z4027672030, Jun 22 2016 11:58AM

New figures from the National Landlords Association have found that 36% of landlords in the UK have had a property abandoned by tenants.

Abandonment occurs when a tenant moves out of the property they are renting before their tenancy has ended, without notifying their landlord. This often occurs when outstanding rent is owed, which leaves the landlord out of pocket.

However, the tenant still has a legal right to return to the property and take up residence at any time. It is also illegal for landlords to do anything to prevent the tenancy from continuing.

The only option the landlord has is to go through a legal process for regaining their abandoned property, which can be a lengthy process.

More landlords in the North East of England have experienced property abandonment, with 58% having a property abandoned. Meanwhile, the South West has the lowest number in the UK, with 31% saying they have had to deal with the problem.

These figures have been released as the Housing and Planning Act recently received Royal Assent, which will create a new process to deal with the issue, giving landlords greater security when it comes to recovering a property believed to have been abandoned.

If you have experienced property abandonment, or other property disputes, our North Devon landlord tenancy disputes solicitors will be able to provide you with legal advice throughout the process, helping to alleviate some of the stress. Please contact us today for more information.

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