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Self-driving cars may shape the future of personal injury law

By z4027672030, Aug 12 2015 08:59AM

With self-driving cars beginning to take to the roads in trials this year, the next decade ahead could see dramatic changes in personal injury law when it comes to road accidents.

The vision that one day we will be able to tell our car where to go and we sit back and relax as it takes us there is getting closer every day, with work being carried out in the UK, US and Europe by companies such as Google to create driverless cars fit for the roads.

With the cars being driven by a computer instead of a human, there is no doubt about questions being raised as to whether driverless cars will cut out the role of human error in accidents, and judges considering new approaches to liability.

Currently, the involvement of human error is the main cause of fatal car crashes, and the advent of self-driving vehicles is expected to help create a safer environment on the roads, though there still remains, however, a small likelihood of computer malfunction.

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Image: Roman Boed, available under Creative Commons

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