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Survey reveals public’s wishes for regulated will-writing

By z4027672030, Jan 14 2016 09:13AM

A recent survey carried out by YouGov on behalf of the Law Society has found that 55% of people believe that will-writers should be regulated, while almost 90% of those who had a will drafted by a solicitor were pleased with the process and the results.

The results of this poll demonstrate the public recognise the peace of mind they receive when using a law firm to draft their wills in comparison to an unregulated will writer. Though the Legal Services Board has fought for will-writing to be regulated in recent years, currently anyone can call themselves a writer, though those not seeking the help of a legal professional are almost certainly taking a huge risk.

Around 38,000 families every year face the issue of badly drafted or ineffective DIY wills, which can create even more trauma for the families and may even lead to the deceased’s wishes not being carried out. Due to modern family structures becoming more and more complicated, it is now more important than ever that wills are written without any ambiguity. Trained solicitors, such as our Devon wills and probate solicitors here at Taylors Solicitors, can spot how to avoid these ambiguities and complete a will with all the necessary detail.

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