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By z4027672030, Jan 22 2016 02:39PM

Keeping a will not only in a safe place but also somewhere your executor will be able to retrieve it is extremely important, as if your executor is unable to locate your will, you may as well have not written one. Therefore, after you’ve written your will, another important decision you’ll need to make is how to look after your will, before letting your executor know where it is.

By z4027672030, Jan 15 2016 09:32AM

If you’ve recently been in an accident which was caused by someone acting on behalf of the government, for instance a police officer driving a police car, or a rubbish collection vehicle operated by the local authority, you do indeed have the right to file a personal injury claim against the government. Under the Crown Proceedings Act 1947, you can hold the government liable for the tort, any action or inaction which causes harm to someone.

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