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By z4027672030, Oct 27 2015 03:07PM

Although by carrying out conveyancing work yourself on your new property you will save money and allow you to dedicate more time to the process, there are several pitfalls to DIY conveyancing in comparison to consulting a professional conveyancer. There are many drawbacks to DIY conveyancing, which can lead to inadequate work and the potential risk of fines and legal action – read on to find out why you should avoid carrying out this highly specialist work yourself.

By z4027672030, Oct 26 2015 10:28AM

At some point during their lives, most people will accept that a will needs to be made in order to establish how they wish to distribute their estate following their death. However, many people overlook the potential event of becoming affected by an accident, illness, or other condition which prevent them from dealing with matters personally such as dealing with personal affairs and health arrangements – this is where a lasting power of attorney comes in.

By z4027672030, Oct 23 2015 08:22AM

While setting out your wishes following your death in your will is highly important, equally as important is choosing the right person so that these wishes are carried out according to your instructions. This person is known as an executor of a will, and can be whoever you wish.

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