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By z4027672030, Oct 14 2015 11:05AM

As a result of new legislative changes coming into force from October 1, the current debt threshold at which creditors can serve a statutory demand is to rise from £750 to £5000. What this means for commercial landlords is that, in order to recover debts totalling less than £5000, they will now need to pursue court judgements and subsequent enforcement action.

By z4027672030, Oct 2 2015 09:06AM

If you’re ever looking to either buy or sell a property, one of the main steps you will need to take is going through the process of conveyancing. Conveyancing involves both legal and administrative work which leads to the person buying the property owning it legally. Though it is possible to carry it out yourself, in order to ensure the work is carried out properly and to a high standard, it is recommended that you consult a qualified conveyancer to carry out the work for you.

By z4027672030, Sep 25 2015 11:44AM

Changes to the way Lasting Power of Attorney laws work have been introduced this summer, and are designed to encourage people to take a more proactive approach towards preparing these documents for themselves.

A Lasting Power of Attorney enables people to give a person they trust the legal authority to make decisions on their behalf concerning their health and welfare or financial affairs, if at some point they come to lack mental capacity or no longer wish to make decisions for themselves.

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