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By z4027672030, Aug 13 2015 10:46AM

A County Court Judgment (or a CCJ for short) is a judgment issued by a county court when somebody has failed to pay money that they owe to somebody else. They are a simple way for creditors to claim money that they believe they are entitled to. If you’ve been issued with a CCJ Claim Form, read on to find out more about CCJs and how you can resolve them.

By z4027672030, Aug 7 2015 08:35AM

These days, it can appear to be very easy to create your own will, with ‘Make Your Own Will’ kits available in supermarkets, newsagents, and even online. There are also numerous will writing companies out there, but we know that a will can only be drafted properly if carried out by an experienced and specialist solicitor. We’ve got a number of good reasons why you should consider using a solicitor in your will; read on to discover them.

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