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By z4027672030, Jun 10 2015 08:18AM

If you’re planning on purchasing a home, conveyancing is an essential part of the process, allowing the legal transfer of the ownership of the property from the current owner to you. You cannot buy your home without first going through the conveyancing process, which also involves other related administrative work, and so understanding the process is highly important. Solicitors, Legal Executives and licensed conveyancers, such as our independent solicitors Braunton, are often employed to ensure that this work is carried out in an expert and proper manner.

By z4027672030, Jun 9 2015 11:11AM

A dramatic rise in the number of people who have chosen to represent themselves in court has prompted three legal organisations, the Bar Council, the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives and the Law Society, to draft up guidelines for lawyers who find themselves in court against people without legal representation.

By z4027672030, Jun 5 2015 08:53AM

A will is one of the most important things you can do for your loved ones in preparation for after your death, though it is also something many people put off, due to the difficult decisions that may be involved in delegating your property and estate. There are, however, many life events which may make you consider making a will, which our North Devon Will lawyers will be happy to help you out with:

By z4027672030, May 28 2015 03:17PM

An archaic law, labelled sexist by some experts and professionals, which allows men to pass down property to their family if there is no will in place, but not women, is still being commonly used, according to a Cambridge University law expert, despite the law having been abolished.

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