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By z4027672030, Sep 8 2015 11:20AM

Having evolved over several centuries, the UK court system is a complex one to an outsider, with civil and criminal cases heard in the same or different courts depending on where in the hierarchy the case has reached. Depending on the nature of the case, they can also start from different points in the hierarchy, which only adds to the confusion. There is also the separate tribunal system, which covers areas such as employment, which can also integrate into the main courts system.

By z4027672030, Jul 30 2015 01:27PM

For many, going to County Court may be a new and overwhelming experience, with much to be learnt as to what is handled there, the order of proceedings and how county court cases work. With a solicitor at your side, understanding the legal process becomes much simpler, though there are still some things you should know about County Court before you begin your litigation.

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